The names of 2,080 students who completed requirements for associate, bachelor and graduate degrees during the spring 2013 semester at Fort Hays State University have been released by FHSU Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Joey Linn, who is also university registrar.

The following students received degrees:

Grainfield: Regan M. Ochs, B.S. in organizational leadership; Tyler J. Weber, A.S. in radiologic technology.

Grinnell: Heather L. Beougher, B.S. in nursing; Eric F. Goetz, A.S. in radiologic technology; Taylor Lea Ostmeyer, B.S. in psychology.

Park: Brett A. Billinger, B.B.A. in management; Craig M. Zerr, B.S. in agriculture.

Quinter: Brittney Ryan Funk, B.F.A. in art (graphic design); Zachery R. Woolf, B.S. in information networking and telecommunications (media studies).

Bogue: Seth M. Thompson, B.S. in general science.

Hill City: Larry Leroy Lyder, M.S. in education administration; Jenna Rache' Smith, B.S. in justice studies.

Morland: Britni A. Meier, B.B.A. in marketing.

Oakley: Laura Ann Bosserman, M.S. in special education (adaptive); Brittany A. Brenner, B.S. in nursing; Lacey Dawn Richardson, B.S. in justice studies; Jeffrey G. Sekavec, M.S. in biology.

Winona: Amberly L. Gfeller, B.S. in elementary education.

Ness City: Candee Marie Vonlehe, B.S. in agricultural business.

Ransom: Christopher K. McLain, B.S. in justice studies.

Utica: Melissa F. Garland, B.S. in psychology.

Densmore: Allyson R. Pakkebier, B.S. in agricultural business.

Lenora: Sabrina Bader, B.S. in justice studies.

Norton: Bryce A. Engelbert, B.B.A. in accounting (public accounting); Logan Riley Kats, B.S. in business education (teacher licensure); Charli T. Lawson, B.S. in nursing.

Natoma: Michael Benjamin Macconnell, M.A. in history.

Osborne: Blake Ashlee Nichols, bachelor of social work.

Logan: Paul Edward Prewo, M.S. in education administration; Anna Marie Zillinger, B.B.A. in accounting.

Long Island: Marvin John Gebhard, M.S. in education administration.

Phillipsburg: Kellie Mae Henderson, bachelor of social work; Crystal Marie Laurin, M.S. in education administration; Jordan Elizabeth Redinger, B.B.A. in marketing; Trenton Robert Weinman, B.S. in psychology.

Prairie View: Eric A. Woodside, B.S. in agriculture.

Herndon: Rachel R. Mullen, A.S. in radiologic technology.

Damar: Rachel Marie Belisle, A.S. in radiologic technology.

Palco: Sheri D. Bedore, B.A. in English (teaching) and B.S. in secondary education; Marissa Bess Lambert, B.B.A. in accounting (public accounting).

Plainville: Garrah Marie Birdsall, B.S. in athletic training; Amanda R. Brungardt, B.S. in nursing; Katie Lynn Carmichael, A.S. in radiologic technology; Aaron Francis Dinkel, associate of general studies in (biological studies) and B.S. in health and human performance.

Stockton: Blake Marie Martinez, bachelor of general studies (health promotion); Jake Prockish, B.S. in technology studies (industrial technology).

Bison: Steven C. Cornwell, bachelor of music (theory and composition); Audri A. Luebbers, B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging (ultrasound).

La Crosse: Michelle D. Herrman, B.S. in justice studies.

Lucas: Tia D. Dougherty, B.B.A. in business communication.

Russell: Kristina Michelle Banks, B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging; Tammi Sue Buhrle, M.S. in special education (adaptive); Matthew J. Cook, M.S. in health and human performance; Austin J. Eickhoff, B.A. in political science; Patricia French, B.S. in nursing; Drew A. Hamel, A.S. in radiologic technology and B.S. in medical diagnostic imaging; Malorie Sue Hamlin, M.S. in nursing (family nurse practitioner); Kyra L. Horesky, B.S. in business education (teacher licensure); Christina Khim, B.S. in biology (wildlife biology); Haley Elaine Krehbiel, M.S. in special education (adaptive); Jaqueline M. McKune, B.S. in psychology; Kimberly Marie Schmelzle, M.S. in health and human performance; Jarett A. Schulte, B.S. in elementary education; Amanda Sue Shaffer, M.B.A. (human resource management); Veronica Anne Thornburg, B.S. in justice studies; Nancy Marie Underwood, M.S. in education administration.

Hoxie: Aaron Patrick Dardis, M.S. in education administration; Jordann Leigh Johnson, M.S. in counseling (community); Jeffrey D. Kaufman, master of professional studies (cyber security).

Goodland: Lauren Ruth Abernathy, B.A. in communication (public relations); Morgan Edward Hagerman, B.B.A. in accounting (public accounting); Tranda Ihrig, M.S. in education (transition to teaching); Anna Marie Mannis, B.B.A. in management; Jana Dene Myers, M.S. in special education (adaptive).

Gaylord: John Grady Godsey, B.S. in agricultural business.

Kensington: Nolan E. Burns, bachelor of general studies (general business).

Smith Center: Matraca D. Baetz, B.S. in elementary education; Stephanie Rose Linn, M.S. in special education (adaptive); Adam Wayne Rorabaugh, Ed.S. in school psychology.

Colby: Ryan D. Baalmann, B.B.A. in accounting; David Kyle Barnum, B.F.A. in art; Daniel Gene Blake, B.A. in sociology; Kiri J. Kendrick, B.S. in general science; Tyson Edward Miller, B.S. in organizational leadership; Luke Todd Schroeder, B.S. in agriculture (agronomy); Jeanette R. White, B.S. in speech-language pathology.

Menlo: Aisha Marie Moss, bachelor of social work.

WaKeeney: Adrian Joseph Barker, B.S. in health and human performance (recreation and sports management); Jessica M. Gudenkauf, bachelor of social work; Ryan J. Pfannenstiel, A.S. in radiologic technology.

Sharon Springs: Lindsay Daniels, M.S. in education (transition to teaching); Ellen R. Fixsen, B.F.A. in art (graphic design); Cassandra E. Houser, B.F.A. in art (interior design).

Weskan: Meghann K. Cline, bachelor of social work.