FOWLER -- On Tuesday, FoxNews host and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee endorsed Rep. Tim Huelskamp, R-Kan., for re-election to Kansas' Big First district.

"I was honored to support Tim Huelskamp when he first ran for Congress, and he hasn't disappointed us," Huckabee said. "Tim's effective leadership has advanced our principles on Capitol Hill. He has stayed true to his principles."

Huelskamp responded: "I am humbled to have the endorsement of Gov. Mike Huckabee. He is a true leader for conservatives and remains one of the clear voices for our conservative principles.

"Like me, Gov. Huckabee is willing to stand on principle and take on the Washington, D.C. insiders. He has been a powerful voice for balancing our budget, protecting our families, reining in Obama, and looking out for the interests of average Americans, not the special interests who have long controlled our nation's Capitol."