INDIANAPOLIS — The Indiana Republican Party is going all-out to help its presidential nominee, Donald Trump, win the state’s 11 electoral votes on Nov. 8.

GOP Chairman Jeff Cardwell revealed Wednesday the party’s 92 county leaders and “thousands” of volunteers are working closely with Trump’s three paid Indiana staffers to whip up enthusiasm for the former Gary casino owner and get Hoosiers to the polls voting for Trump.

“All of the resources that we have we’re going to put out in front of the people to get people engaged ... on this road to victory,” Cardwell said.

He strongly disputed the GOP effort is due to fears that the Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, is gaining supporters in Indiana, as she recently has in other traditionally “red,” Republican-voting, states.

Cardwell insisted, echoing a line popularized by Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence, that Indiana will be the first state on the board for Trump on election night.

“Any time you’re running in any political race you never take anything for granted,” Cardwell said. “You always run from behind.” To that end, Trump State Chairman Rex Early and Vice Chairman Tony Samuel plan to travel Indiana after Labor Day promoting the Trump agenda, recruiting volunteers and encouraging Hoosiers to vote early. The Trump team also is organizing interest group coalitions for Trump, including veterans, women, farmers, Latinos, African-Americans and others, as well as preparing local Republican officials to spread the word about Trump.

“We need a strong leader in these times, maybe more than ever in recent history, and I think folks are attracted to that strength that he projects,” Samuel said. “We’ve got someone with conviction versus someone that should be convicted.”

Early said besides promoting Trump, the Indiana campaign also will be constantly reminding Hoosiers why they don’t want Clinton for president.

“We’re going to be on Hillary like a fat boy on a muffin,” Early said.