ďThe Lord created the heavens by his command, the sun, moon and stars by his spoken word.Ē Psalms 33:6 (ABS)

As Iíve grown from a youngster watching the clouds form castles in the sky and counting the stars at night, to a lady in her 80s, I find the wonders God created are still here. They havenít changed, the sun still comes up in the east with a beautiful sunrise and goes down in the west with amazing colorful sunsets.

We have grown to accept Godís beautiful creations, have become distracted with many inventions, daily routine and the business of life here on earth.

I still take time to enjoy what the Lord has given us. There is so much to see, overhead the soft, fluffy white clouds are in constant motion. I feel so calm when I relax and watch the show. When we were kids, we would point out an image we saw in the cloud formation. You had to look up quickly before it changed.

When a child draws a picture he will color the sky a clear bright blue. Actually, there are times when the sky is like that but most often filled with clouds.

Sometimes the clouds turn dark and angry; a storm is coming. The massive clouds are interesting to watch. Also lightning has a special beauty of its own.

Rainbows curve across the sky following a rain. The rainbow still takes my breath away with its beauty.

Many times I marvel at the writing in the sky. I canít really see the airliner; itís just a speck high above me. But I can see its trails crisscross each other. It is a once in a lifetime sight; next time it will be different.

Iíve been talking about the daytime sky. Now Iíll share my memories of the night sky. When I was a child, we carried a lantern if we needed to be outside after dark. There were no yard lights back then. I remember the lantern hanging in the barn as it grew dark outside when we still had chores to do.

The only lights seen when driving home in the country were lamp lights in the windows of homes we passed. As time passed, electricity came.

Now-a-day, the dark night has many lights ó each farmyard has a yard light or two. The newest lights are the red warning lights on the top of the wind towers. On every count of five, a red light flashes. At first they actually startled me. So many lights blink, blink, blink.

Sometimes I will stop on a high point to see the light in towns all around. On a clear night, I can see Hays, Palco, Zurich, Plainville, WaKeeney and of course Ellis. Jim used to do this often. He was amazed the distance he could see lights.

Watching the stars is a comforting pastime. I always wait for a falling star and make a wish.

Some people can find the constellations, the groups of stars that have been named. The only ones I can point out are the big dipper and the Milky Way.

Doesnít it make you smile just to think the man in the moon is smiling down at you? When the moon is full, perfectly round and beautiful, it begins to wane, getting smaller each day until it is completely gone from sight. But it will begin to wax, increasing each day ó a cycle we take for granted.

I am lucky to live in the country. At night, the view is not distracted or diminished due to lights of the city.

The best show is given to us free of charge. We just need to take time to enjoy Godís beautiful sky above us.

I thank him often for his gift.

Opal Flinn is a member of the Generations Advisory Group.