TOPEKA (TNS) -- Rep. Virgil Peck, known for wearing colorful blazers at the Capitol, has put it to voters to decide which color jacket he wears in the Kansas House's official 2015 photo.

Peck, R-Tyro, has posted a poll to his official site to determine which jacket he'll wear for this session's group photograph.

The choices include a traditional charcoal jacket and three more colorful options. Peck could be minty fresh, pretty in pink or as good as gold, depending on what the voters decide.

Peck appears in photos of the four options on the site. He is wearing no tie in the photograph with the gold jacket, but the caption promises he will wear a tie if the gold jacket is chosen.

For the record, he wore a lavender jacket in the previous session's photo.

Peck's flamboyant fashion choices are often joked about in Topeka. Last session, lawmakers had a "Virgil Peck Day" on which they dressed up in colorful jackets. Some House members also play a game in which they make paper cut-out jackets and post them on Peck's picture on holidays with a new color -- like bright green for St. Patrick's Day.