Between the lines

I think it is utterly iniquitous that the Fort Hays State University volleyball team is participating in a lengthy boondoggle in Hawaii, when departments actually dealing with education are struggling to stay within miserly budgeting.

This also goes to the national scandal of outrageous expenditure in both high school and college "____ball" -- football being the worst offender. Have you seen some of the coaches' salaries?

Where do they think they are? Wall Street??

Also impacting the situation is the amount of time off given to "athletes," which cannot be anything but unhelpful to teachers trying to maintain academic integrity.

They have enough on their plate without having to finagle "makeup" deals for these spoiled darlings who, on the whole, contribute very little to our struggle to compete academically with better-focused institutions abroad.

Here, professional and professorial staff actually get in trouble for trying to maintain academic standards for today's, "I want the grade my parents paid for" brigrade.

Truly, the Age of Mediocrity -- and it looks like it's only going to get worse.

Ian Donaldson