Irish Photographer Dave McKane was exposed to the Kansas plains as an exchange student at Hutchinson High School in 1978. His love of the area continues as he works to document the "ghost houses" of the prairie. Dave is featured in my story on Pollard, Kansas. He is work is awesome - he is very talented! I love it that he has a passion for rural Kansas and visits here a few times every year.

And I love the photo he took of the house just outside the dead town of Pollard in Rice County. Here is a photo from his website.

Ghost houses of the prairies    
Eventuallyclouds roll infilling big, blue skiesfull of darkness and lightningworrying the lifeless farmhouses beneathlike icebergs rushing headlongtowards the Titanic
1941, 1961, 1981how long sincebeds were madestoves fired upliving room floors kissedby straw brooms?
Nowscreens that once protected windowshang at crazy anglesflapping dangerouslyin a prairie windthat rushes down from Canada to the Gulfbut fails to move windmillswhich resist raising waterno longer neededfor families long since left
Dwellings built with pridedetailed with loveno longer filled with children’s chatterslowly sinkinto the prairie that was once a sea
waiting patientlyfor the earthto take them back
Irish Photographer Dave McKane