The rise of Donald Trump to the top of the Republican party has been puzzling to many to say the least. Many speculations for that rise have been offered; however, according to some, the main reason might be the majority of Republicans are not true conservatives. In other words, many Americans for the last few generations, might not know what America has traditionally stood for.

Until politicians of the left told us otherwise, America stood for small government, a free economy, liberty, but not equality by any means, and the Judeo-Christian values which led to a citizen centered society, not a state centered society, a society where the rights emanate from the creator and not the state. We seem to forget the American Revolution which precipitated the creation of this country, placed liberty above equality. On the other hand, for the left, equality is more important than anything else. That’s why so many American leftists have favored personalities, from Guevara to Castro to Chavez — no matter how much those individuals suppressed individual liberty. The common ground always has been the concept of equality and fairness.

It might have taken a few generations, but the left has succeeded in promoting their main idea of egalitarianism as a mainstream American value. It is increasingly obvious many Americans forgot what made America exceptionally free and prosperous. Educational materials at all levels increasingly promote leftist dogma, while schools even stopped teaching American history. Granted, history can be taught but as a history of oppression, imperialism and racism. In schools, the children do not learn about the Constitution or how our government works or about the true significance of the separation of powers. They do not learn that the constitution is a living document which did not appear overnight but it indeed expresses the perpetual desire of the people (beginning with five other documents in England from 1200 to 1689) to be free from any oppression particularly from government, or the King in England’s case.

Thanks to the left, most Americans no longer are familiar with the concept of what it means to be an American. Conservatives are those Americans who desire to conserve the unique American idea. Those are currently a minority not only of the population as a whole but also among Republicans. Call it what you may, progressivism, socialism or change, one thing is for sure: Whether we like it or not, this country never was founded on the principles of the modern left. It was founded on pure, unadulterated principles of liberty and limited government.

After all, it was the popular Democrat President John F. Kennedy who famously said: “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Even Clinton dared to declare “the era of big government” over.

Progressive, leftist ideas have permeated the political and social fabric of this country so aggressively, these days even the Republicans, often reluctantly, have diluted their conservative positions with a dose of progressivism. That is the primary reason Trump, probably a nationalist, but not a conservative, managed to rise to the top of the now officially hijacked Republican Party.

Andreas Maheras,