INDIANAPOLIS Gov. Mike Pence's weak leadership on civil rights issues and strong fundraising by his Democratic opponent makes the Indiana governor's race a "toss-up," according to Governing Magazine.

The nonpartisan, national publication on Monday downgraded the chances that the Republican incumbent will win a second four-year term in November, saying Pence still is hobbled by last year's "religious freedom" controversy which remains unsettled.

"Pence can't seem to make anyone at either end of the spectrum and even those in the middle happy. (His) highly billed State of the State address, intended to turn a new page, doesn't appear to have changed minds," according to the magazine.

At the same time, Governing notes that Democrat John Gregg "isn't considered a great campaigner, but he raised $2 million during the last half of 2015" and "has coalesced Democratic support."

Governing rated the rematch between Pence and Gregg as "lean Republican" in October.

One year ago, the publication declared the race "safe Republican."