Special to The Hays Daily News

I received a call from my good friend Rollie Leighton during the middle of this past archery deer season to ask me if I would be interested in coming out to his farm and have a look at a couple of deer that two local boys had just taken.

Rollie told me the boys were brothers, one 12 years old and the other 16, and they had both just bow killed their first deer just minutes apart.

I gathered my camera and headed west into Gove County.

I arrived to find Rollie and the two boys, Toby and Tyler Waggoner along with my friend's three sons looking over two nice white-tailed bucks the Waggoner boys had taken.

The boys unfolded the mornings interesting hunt for me.

Both boys were in their tree stands they had set up themselves two weeks prior to that morning's hunt.

Toby, the older boy, had a nice buck come in by his stand. The buck was scraping on a few trees and generally acting like a rutting buck will act. There was some brush in the way most of the time but finally a shot opportunity presented itself through an opening in all of the foliage.

Toby drew his Hoyt Turbohawk bow and made the shot. The buck ran off and quickly disappeared behind some bales. The time was approximately 7:20 a.m..

Toby called his father Gregg to let him know he had hit a big buck.

While sitting in his stand calming his nerves, Toby's phone buzzed shortly after the encounter. It was his brother Tyler calling him to say that he had just missed a nice white-tailed buck twice and was out of broadhead arrows, but the buck was still running around the area. Toby advised Tyler not to shoot him with his practice arrow.

Tyler decided to get down from his stand and retrieve his hunting tipped arrows. While Tyler was on the ground, the buck came back through chasing other deer and presented a close 10-yard shot.

This time, Tyler did not miss, placing the arrow perfectly with his PSE Rogue compound. The buck only ran 20 yards or so and went down. Tyler called his father Gregg and told him he had also hit a nice buck.

Gregg couldn't believe that both brothers had gotten two deer in the same location close to the same time.

Toby's buck was not so easily found. The blood trail quickly dwindled in the hay field. Toby called his ag teacher, Chad Churchwell, to help track and find his buck with his Dad because Toby had to get back for state football playoffs.

Gregg and Chad noticed the deer trail was headed toward Rollie's property, so they called Rollie to ask for permission to try and locate the deer. Rollie along with his sons offered to come help find the deer. The entire group with father and friends took off, two on horseback and the rest on foot. The buck was found and everything turned out fine.

Two young archers with two nice bucks taken only 15 minutes apart makes for a fine November morning.