Our prayers have been answered. It was so wonderful to get rain. It is said April showers bring May flowers; We’ll just watch and see.

The morning after the rain everything looked awake, bright and clean. The earth was actually smiling fresh, green and alive.

The seeds that had been planted, had sprouted and were waiting for a drink. The rain soaked into the soil, they have been saved, they had survived.

In Ellis, Big Creek was dry when the observation dock had been rebuilt. This strong platform stood on tall legs out in open air. Everyone wondered if it would ever be used again.

Then over night heavy rain began falling and soon the water filled the lake and came up to the floor of the deck and rushed over the dam.

There was a steady line of cars driving by to see the rush of water pouring over the dam. I was in the line too because it was a sight to be seen.

Our prayers for rain have been answered. Our pasture ponds have been filled and now the grass will begin to grow to feed the cattle.

We thank the Lord for his gift. We will continue to pray for rain during the summer and that all who need rain will receive some.

I’m not sure how much I received. I wasn’t home at the time my rain gauge ran from 5 to 8 to 10 inches. I jotted in my diary that I had gotten around 6 inches.

The day after, large “closed to through traffic” signs were put up on my road indicating the road north on Iron Hill wasn’t safe.

I’ve also found out carrying an umbrella and pushing a walker doesn’t work. I smiled when I saw a mother pushing the shopping cart while her little girl riding in the cart held the big umbrella over herself and her mom.

Every two weeks I have my fingernails done at the Hair Academy. This time we decided the nail art would be tiny pink umbrellas on deep blue nails, signifying April showers will bring May flowers and what to do Mayflowers bring? Pilgrims! Keep smiling and thanking the Lord for all he gives us.

Opal Flinn is a member of the Generations advisory group