Ostmeyerís thoughts

Every year midway through the session, I travel my 40th District hosting town-hall meetings in each county across the district. The issue most brought up this year was closing some of the LLC loopholes in order to end the year with more positive ending balances.

The House voted on such a bill, and it was soundly defeated. Moderates and Democrats always have said the tax plan needs to be backed off some or completely. Most of the Mís and Dís refused to participate, and the Conservatives said this was not an option. My question is: How long will we wait to fix the problem? Next year might be too late. We should be using such an opportunity to at least try.

I have never witnessed such a down economy that included farming, business, and the oil and gas industry. The future does not look bright, and we can only hope this economy turns around.

I voted for a budget this year that is not to harm schools, but will delay the payment to KPERS more than three months, and redirect state sales tax from KDOT. State receipts are higher than a year ago, but we also have spent more. Our problem began with the 2012 tax plan. Cuts should have been made in spending at that time. We still are awaiting the Supreme Court ruling concerning school funding and whether the equity issue has been satisfied.

I realize writing Legislative updates in a timely manner is a weakness. There were not too many positive things to share. I appreciate this opportunity to serve the 40th District and feel honored you have chosen me to represent you.

Sen. Ralph Ostmeyer,