Special to The Hays Daily News

Jesus' last supper was actually a Jewish Passover. Dan Sered of Jews for Jesus will re-create the traditional Passover service and explain how it foreshadowed Jesus' death and resurrection in a presentation called "Christ in the Passover" at 7 p.m. March 30 at Hays Christian Church, 22nd and Marshall.

Sered will set a table with items traditionally used at the Passover meal and detail their spiritual significance. He also will explain the connection between the events of the first Passover in Egypt, the redemption Jesus accomplished and the deep bond between the ancient Passover feast and the Christian communion celebration today.

Sered was born in Israel on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Two years later, his family moved to New York, where Sered attended university and met Dinah, a Jewish believer in Jesus who later became his wife.

Dinah explained the name of Jesus in Hebrew was Y'shua, and she showed Sered how the Hebrew Bible spoke of his coming. Sered committed his life to Y'shua, but not before first telling his parents. Surprisingly, they didn't respond negatively, and Sered discovered Dinah, her family and her congregation all had prayed about his parents' response. His family's response since has become increasingly negative.

Sered directs the staff of Jews for Jesus in Israel. Jews for Jesus was founded in 1973 by Moishe Rosen, who revolutionized Jewish evangelism with his creative approach. Rosen died in May 2010. David Brickner, a fifth-generation Jewish believer in Jesus, has been the organization's executive director since 1996. Brickner has kept Jews for Jesus on the cutting edge as the ministry has expanded and established branches in 14 countries, including the United States, Brazil, Israel, Russia, France and South Africa.

To Sered and other Jews for Jesus staff, evidence in the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, and the transformation in their own lives provide ample evidence Jesus was who he claimed to be -- the Jewish Messiah.

Sered will answer questions after the presentation. There is no admission charge, but a freewill offering for Jews for Jesus will be taken.

For more information, contact the church at (785) 625-3100 or visit hayschristianchurch.org.