Tim Huelskamp, in his latest outrage, tried to attach an amendment to some bill he didn't identify.

In an email to my wife, he has asked his constituency whether or not we would like to see Obamacare defunded. This is his exact question.

"House Republican Leadership decided to prevent a vote on my amendment to defund Obamacare. So instead, I ask you to vote: Should Congress defund ObamaCare?"

My answer is a resounding "No."

He recently voted against the Violence Against Women Act. For crying out loud, what is with this guy? Not only does it seem like he doesn't care about our health, but it appears as though he wants open hunting season on our women.

Thanks be to God for the Republican leadership for preventing this vote. At least we know someone up there has more than hot air running around in the upper bowels of their craniums.

My question to the people of the First District is: Are you paying attention?

By the way, the Violence Against Women Act Passed with strong support from the more sensible Republicans.

Lon Wartman

Garden City