Most of us have heard of March Madness, where the colleges play for the national championship in basketball. Well, the heavy favorite Kentucky team didnít win. Well, the heavy favorite to win the 2016 presidential election is Hillary Clinton, and according to this author, she ______. First the story, and then the results. But before we divulge the answer, a quick look at the madness as it will play out.

Clinton will be the Democratic Party nominee. No amount of scandals will keep her from losing her moment of fame in the general election. The Democrats will spend somewhere between $1 billion to $2 billion.

The Republican Party candidates will spend more than $1 billion. Itís anyoneís guess at this time who will become the nominee. It might not make a big difference who wins. If the GOP candidates (this is considering the 20 or more who claim they will enter the race) can create as much madness and excitement to equal the basketball world, then they may wake up the approximately 70 percent of the American people who donít pay attention to the election until the final weeks as they get bombarded with all those political ads. Just like in basketball, itís that last second shot that determines the outcome. And what an amazing outcome it will be in 2016.

In the first quarter of the contest, Clinton has 232 points (electoral votes). This is based on the last six presidential elections. She needs only 38 to win. The Republican candidate is far behind with only 164. The magic number it takes to win is 270. But there are 12 states that are undecided, totaling 142 electoral votes. These 12 are Florida, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Iowa, New Mexico and New Hampshire.

Clinton knows her best shot to win are the non-married women who voted 67 percent for the Democratic Party in 2012. Women are her path to victory.

But standing in her way is that the GOP won 78 percent of the Christian vote in 2012. That didnít make a big difference in 2012 as millions of Christians didnít vote. Christians need to have a candidate that inspires them to take action, to get involved to vote. The ideal would be a Christian woman who exudes enthusiasm and patriotism. Just think if there were a Christian American Party to unite Americans to finally stand up to their beliefs. American women and men united in one cause to restore America to return to being a Christian nation. Americans, just put Christian American Party in the search box at books, and you will find the guide to success.

In a three-way race ó Democratic, Republic and Christian ó the Christians could win 40 percent of the vote if they were to get active, which probably would be enough to win the election. Facts are the Democratic and Republican Parties have messed up our country. In 2012, the Republican candidates did not portray the enthusiasm and patriotism the American voters wanted. With the present Republican candidates, the odds of any one of them getting more than 269 electoral votes are a long shot. The ideal Christian team would be the unmatched enthusiasm and patriotism of Sarah Palin and the great sheriff of Milwaukee County, David Clarke Jr., a patriotic Christian, the man that will restore law and order in our country which we so desperately need.

The answer to the question of will the heavy favorite, Hillary Clinton win: She will play the woman card to the max to beat every Republican male candidate. With Clinton, America will continue down the destructive road. Her only loss would be against the Palin-Clarke team.

Roger H. Ewing,