Even though it served as a treasure trove of sorts for the bearded Hays resident, he was quick to voice concern about the debris left behind in the wake of Saturday’s TailGreat celebration.

After riding his bicycle down to the field adjacent to Lewis Stadium, George set about to the task of picking up aluminum cans, filling plastic trash bags.

He didn’t want to give his last name, saying “no, you don’t need that.”

As he went about his task, George left the plastic cups, empty beer cartons, whiskey bottles and the broken shards of beer bottles.

Fort Hays State University spokesman Kent Steward said standard operating procedure is “our crews clean up on Monday morning when they would normally report to work.”

He said in the 20 years the university has had a TailGreat, “this is the first time I’ve heard of a complaint.”

Steward said he didn’t know how many people attended the event, and it would be hard to make an estimate.

“If this was not the biggest one, it would be one of the biggest,” he said.

“I thought maybe it was a tornado,” George said. “A bunch of tornadoes.”

He voiced concern about how much trash will be left behind in the wake of Friday’s upcoming Oktoberfest.

Along the way, he was watching for lost items, after learning at last five people had lost various items.

One of the lost items was a cellular phone.

George wasn’t the only person taking in the view of the trash. One student stopped to take a photograph with his phone, while a woman visited with George about the trash and a bracelet that had been lost.

“Yeah,” he said, “this is interesting.”

It’s been three years now, he said, since he picked up the aluminum cans. He let other people pick up the cans in the last two years, he said.

George said he’ll cash in the cans.

“When I’m not paying a bill, I donate it to a worthy cause,” he said.