The second annual LID OFF Film Festival will take place Oct. 21 to 23 in Lucas.

LID OFF is a community of local artists, organizers and volunteers with the mission to explore, share, educate and create media for the expansive view of brightening all arts communities of the Midwest.

Peter Max Lawrence, one of the organizers, moved to Lucas in the summer of 2014.

Lawrence began working with the Grassroots Arts Center and met with the director, Rosslyn Schultz, with the idea they should host a film festival. Lawrence helped organize a few small film festivals when he lived in San Francisco.

“I just thought it would be really cool to have a film festival in a little town like this,” Lawrence said.

The Grassroots Arts Center is the sponsor for this year’s event.

The festival last year wasn’t as well-attended as they would have liked, but those who did attend gave positive feedback.

Lawrence said the first year it was challenging to explain to some what the purpose of the film festival was, since events like it aren’t as common in the area. The local organizers hope with word of mouth in addition to some changes they’ve made from last year, the event will draw more people.

The festival still will feature mostly local artists and local/regional films and filmmakers, but something different this year involves the Community Challenge Films.

“We wanted to find a way to get people to submit their own films, but sometimes people are too afraid to do that on their own,” Lawrence said. “This way, a group of people can work together on a film in their community, whether that is a promotional video for their town or whatever.”

Films from the communities of Downs, Norton, Lucas, Lincoln and Great Bend will be represented in the challenge films.

Lawrence said approximately 60 percent of the art and films that will be shown were produced in Kansas.

“We have a couple young filmmakers who come in from Salina and Manhattan,” Lawrence said. “I feel really good helping kids who are making films out in that area by having a venue for them to present.”

The format of the event will be five 80- to 120-minute programs, with question-and-answer panel discussions to follow — as well as opening and closing night receptions.

Events will be in One Wolf Gallery, 218 W. First; Around the Corner, 101 S. Main; Da Da Muse’um, 108 S. Main; Bluestem Stoneworks, 115 W. Second; Grassroots Arts Center, 213 South Main; World’s Largest Things, 226 S. Kansas Ave.; Kansas Flour Sacks and Snow Dome Room of Meditation, 103 N. Fairview at First Street.

Admission for the festival is $5 per event or $20 for all day Saturday, and $25 will purchase a three-day festival pass. The Sunday “Binge Tour” of Lucas, which includes the Garden of Eden, the Grassroots Arts Center, World’s Largest Things and the Snow Dome Meditation Room, is an additional $15.

Visit to view the list of films and featured artists, the full schedule of events, as well as to purchase tickets.