My head is still spinning

In my last letter to the editor, I said my head was spinning over the wall-to-wall media coverage of U.S. presidential candidates.

My head is still spinning but for a different reason. Millions of people, even people I know, will vote no matter who it is as long as there is a “D” in front of his or her name. What in the world are people thinking?

If you want to believe some polls, Hillary Clinton beats Donald Trump by a big margin. What? That’s insanity. That’s unbelievable if true, and I will tell readers why.

Hillary’s negatives are a mile long. I had other letters criticizing Hillary but did not present all of her negatives as I do here.

Let’s start with her four years as Secretary of State. I dare anybody to show me and other readers how any accomplishments she might have had override the major failures. The most prevalent failure would be the explosion of turmoil in the Middle East. Obama’s policies in the region, supported by Hillary as his Secretary of State, has led to the enormous growth of radical Islamic terrorism, particularly by ISIS. Pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq prematurely and doing nothing to President Assad in Syria has led to a worldwide threat not seen in history for a long time. We have Obama and Hillary to blame for the spread of radical Islamic terrorism, and that is a fact.

What are Hillary’s other negatives? How about polls indicating, by whopping margins, she’s not trustworthy? She’s not even likable, according to polls. It’s possible she has health issues at her age. Her flip flops on big issues can’t be ignored. What about a trail a mile long that she’s in bed with big donors, especially Wall Street? Americans are clearly fed up with establishment politicians bought and paid for by big money. Hillary is establishment with a capital “E.”

Hillary even lies about lying. Jokingly, I say her picture appears next to the word “lie” in the dictionary — but that’s not really funny considering she might get enough votes to be our next president, and that’s why my head is still spinning.

She lied about Benghazi, a huge scandal still being investigated, that caused four Americans to die. She lied to the survivors of the four great Americans, and that’s just the half of it.

Hillary lied all over the place about her private emails. Surely everybody knows her email scandal has led to an FBI investigation that, without any doubt whatsoever, would lead to indictment and probably prosecution of anybody else. This case is huge. It will determine two things for this country. If she has broken the law and not held accountable, is there equal justice under the law for everybody or does it depend who you are? The other is the question about the rule of law. Are we a country of laws or not?

Obama ignores our laws on immigration and promotes open borders. Hillary will do the same.

Do we as voters want to go down the same path with Hillary as with Obama the past seven-plus years? Do we want more debt, coddling Islamic terrorists, making the rich richer, more people living in poverty, more drugs and violence with open borders, cop-killing agendas, more people out of the labor force, more on food stamps, more on government doles, Iranian nukes, trade deficits, further erosion of religious liberties, continued government corruption, etc.

Yes, Hillary’s negatives are non-ending. How did the Clintons become multimillionaires in the few short years she was secretary of state? A first-grader could figure that one out, and it is big money paying her off to have favors if she becomes president.

Are voters insane wanting Bill back in the White House, let alone Hillary? That possibility would make any and all informed and common-sense voters’ heads spin like a top.

All candidates have negatives but nothing like Hillary’s.

At this point in American history, it is obvious there are two Americas as we look at how voters see this country. The divide among voters is huge.

If Cruz or Trump wins the White House we could get back to being one America. That will not happen with Hillary. How could it? She’s an Obama clone and he’s been the most divisive president in American history.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.