Show me the money

I really try to consider that maybe all total information provided in news reporting is hampered by available print space and publishing deadlines and have no issue with Dawne Leiker's account of the housing article on Feb. 15.

Without back-searching whether the subject of Rural Housing Incentive Districts was raised prior, I only hope this RHID solicitation was not a last-minute "additional request" that could have merited a delay and further consideration.

It is commendable a third person of a five-member city commission elects to excuse oneself with respect to future conflicts of interest. What is somewhat disturbing is that only two votes will set precedent for future panhandling efforts to lift the wallets of the local property tax payers direct or indirectly as Kent Steward cautioned.

If you think astute eastern interests are visiting our fair city in benevolent endeavors, think twice. It has often been said, "follow the money."

Maybe nowadays, it's "show me the money."

And show me their personal property tax statements. How many more exemption types do we need to provide for?

Guess the private, fair competition and free market system doesn't work anymore when the "dire need" demands some form of governmental intervention to provide the remedy.

Guy Windholz