Return flag

My porch flag disappeared last week, and after a prayer for the person who took it, today I decided not to just let it go.

So I thought about writing a letter to the editor. If someone you know has a new flag in their possession and after asking a few questions you might do one of the following:

1. Bring it back and face me.

2. Send me $31 so I can buy another one.

3. Put it back on my porch in its holder late at night like you took it.

You'll still get my prayers for your life in crime to stop in the first place. I was in the wrong when I left it out all night.

I love my country and almost always have followed the flag rules, but now that I'm almost 84 and have reason to forget, my flag does stay out all night.

But that's not an invitation for anyone to take my property off my property is it?

I'll be waiting. Thank you, and may God bless you with a good conscience.

Mary K. Schmidt