The Hays City Commission met Thursday to approve a construction project.

With Mayor Kent Steward not in attendance, four commissioners unanimously approved a project to hire Covenant Land & Developing Inc. to build a waterline along 41st Street. The city will pay up to $17,800 to oversize the line to 12 inches. The waterline will serve a future development project.

Other items on the agenda:

* The January performance report for Great Lakes Airlines at Hays Regional Airport was shared. The airline had 62 percent of its flights delayed or canceled, and cancellations made up 40 percent.

"Our expectations, from an on-time percentage, are up in the 90s," City Manager Toby Dougherty said. "Completion percentage, we want that closer to 98, 99 percent. We understand delays once in awhile."

The federal government might finalize the airport's next carrier contract in two weeks.

* Scott Simpson, owner of Best Radiator in Hays, attended the meeting and handed out packets of proposed changes to two city ordinances to the commissioners.

The changes, written by local businesses, concern rules about inoperable vehicles and storage containers.

Their ideas included exempting businesses who can provide proof of a retailers sales tax certificate and ongoing advertising if the vehicles and parts are maintained in an orderly manner and do not occupy more than 30 percent of available space.

Otherwise, they must be placed behind a fence or screen.

For the containers, the draft suggested commercial and industrial-zoned businesses can have containers for long-term/permanent use.

Regulations would include using setbacks, prohibiting stacking units and maintaining their appearance.

* Olga Detrixhe and Corrie Zimmerman were appointed to the Sister Cities Advisory Board. Glenn Schmidtberger was introduced as the new Hays service division superintendent.