LOGAN — The Dane G. Hansen Foundation of Logan named 260 high school seniors from 59 northwest Kansas schools as winners in its 42nd annual scholarship competition. In addition, 14 scholarships have been awarded to Kansas community or technical college transfer students who are planning to continue their education at a Kansas four-year college or university.

In selecting award winners, the scholarship committee considered proficiency in verbal and writing skills. Other important factors are academic records, test scores and community service in which the student might have participated.

Ten students have won the Hansen Leader of Tomorrow scholarships. The awards are for $10,000 and can be renewable for three additional years. Renewal of scholarships is based upon continued regard for the principles, which guided the success of the late Dane G. Hansen, a 3.0 or better grade-point average at the college level and a letter describing progress toward educational goals. This year’s area winners included John Griffin Lowry and Hannah Norris, both of Hays High School; Maggie Malmberg, Phillipsburg; and Jayden Meyer, Smith Center.

Fifty Hansen Scholar winners were selected. The stipend of $6,500 was granted for one year and can be renewed for three additional years under the same general conditions as set forth in the Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship. This year’s area winners include: Jeanie Balzer, Brianna Brin, Tanner Callis, Keegan Chapman, Joslyn Dinkel, Alex Feyerherm, Ana Goodlett, Daniel Lopez and Jodi Veach, all of Hays High; Raegan Billinger, Bridget Heimann, Alison Helget and Megan Koenigsman, all of TMP-Marian; Everett Brandyberry, Hill City; Benjamin Jones, Northern Valley; Layton Miller, Norton; Grady Dickerson, Natoma; Emma Carlin, Osborne; Faith Hofaker, Logan; Sheila Gulick and Travis Ochs, both of Russell; Skyler Denio, Hoxie; Abigail Neal and Norelia Ordonez-Castillo, both of Goodland; Kaden Meitler, Smith Center; Mark Faber and Heath Haverfield, both of Colby; and Emma Purvis, Weskan.

One hundred Hansen Student winners were selected. These awards are for $4,000 and can be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. This year’s area winners were Derek Pfeifer, Ellis; Peyton Augustine, Raina Basso, Quinn Buffington, Madison Crees, Jordyn Dake, Alexander Davis, Sierra Eichman, Katelyn Fross, Veranika Fuller, Madisyn Keller, Payton Markley, Kohlton Meyers, Mkilar Otte, Cassandra Quinby, Ethan Shippy, Rachel Taylor, Hannah Thomasson, Conrad Vajnar and Anniston Weber, all of Hays High; Heather Befort, Morgan Choitz, Elizabeth Leiker, Mark Loftus, Matthew Moeder, Jessalyn Pfannenstiel and Trevor Pfeifer, all of TMP; Carlie Zimmerman, Wheatland-Grinnell; Madison Barrera and Tucker Eckols, both of Hill City; Mia Maupin and Joshua Weilert, both of Sylvan-Lucas; Katelyn Mullen and Triston Swart, both of Oakley; Brian Clavijo, Caitlyn Cox and Wilson Ellis, Norton; Jayde Blain, Lakeside; Sarah Pelton, Natoma; Pierce Wolters, Osborne; Kayla Hofaker, Logan; Wyatt Britt, Abigail Horton and Lauren Terry, all of Rawlins County; Justin Reif, Plainville; Seth Boxberger, Seth Hilger and Cameron Kilian, all of Russell; Brynn Niblock, Hoxie; Amanda Coon, Jamie Nemechek and Kelsey White, all of Goodland; Amelia Culver, Taylen Hubbell and Alexander Vap, all of Colby; Dean Barney, Trego Community; and Brittany McKain, Wallace County.

Twenty community or technical college transfer scholarships were made available to Kansas community or technical college students of the current school year who plan to continue their education at a four-year Kansas college or university. The awards are for $4,000 and can be renewed for one year upon completion of satisfactory work as evaluated by the scholarship committee. This year there were 14 qualified applicants. The area winners were Brooke Russell, Hays; Anna Schmidtberger, Victoria; Tenille Tholen, Wheatland; Mason Buckmaster and Cheyanne Hileman, both of Smith Center; Andrew Voss and Olivia Wetter, both of Colby.

For students interested in a Career and Technical Education scholarship, the Foundation offered 100. These awards are for $4,000 and can be renewed for one additional year provided the student has maintained a satisfactory academic record. Area winners were Stephanie Alvarado, Carter Porubsky and Haleigh Rucker, all of Cheylin; Quinton Cravens, Danielle Frink and Makayla Rogers, all of St. Francis; Brayden Bittel, Jessica Gamez, Dalton Hensley and Brandon North, all of Ellis; Tigist Bannister, Lakin Ditter, Kristen Nease, Megan Smith and Sydney Sulzman, all of Hays High; Gabrielle Chittenden, Joshua Plante, Kendra Werth and Katelyn Zimmerman, all of TMP; Hollie Reinhardt, Victoria; Mystery Carroll, Tori Davidson, Lane Keith, Ashley Miller and Tanner Waggoner, all of Quinter; Bailey Bixenman, Brooke Bixenman, Cory Prewo and Trina Rathgeber, all of Wheatland; Kendell Born, Jaden Hopkins, Faith Mersch and Hunter Schierkolk, all of Hill City; December Gier, Sylvan-Lucas; Emily Corbett, Oakley; Breanna Dirks, Brandy Ballentine, Maddie Lamb and Hudson Stramel, all of Triplains; Baylee Miller, Norton; Adrian Buzzell, Kayley Chrisler, Erika George, Tyler Lund and Austin Murphy, all of Natoma; Jessa Cockerham, Erin LeiVan and Chloe McKeon, all of Osborne; Jesse Bebb, Logan; Drew Stapel, Phillipsburg; Savannah Desbien, Palco; Riley Nyp, Plainville; Erica Murphy, Russell; Amber Erwin, Kaci Moellering, Kaylyn Weems and Sarah Zahradka, all of Hoxie; Simon Bassett and Cameron Gray, both of Goodland; Dayton Befort and Ashton Hawkins, both of Smith Center; Kendra Billings, Thunder Ridge; Ashlen Staub, Brewster; Dalton Colgan, Leighton Rinehart and Alex Zimmerman, all of Colby; Sean Conness, John Kuhn and Josephine Molitor, all of Trego Community; and Gabriel Klinge, Maddison Cunningham and Stephani Noone, all of Wallace County.