Lending a helping hand

The Kansas Association of Senior Corps Directors acknowledges and thanks Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., a strong supporter of Senior Corps programs. Moran understands the value of Senior Corps: Foster Grandparents, RSVP and Senior Companions, and he has seen firsthand the effect they make in his home communities.

Last year, 5,650 Kansas Senior Corps volunteers spent 1.2 million hours serving in their local communities.

Senior Corps programs are under threat from the administration's proposed budget for 2015. If passed, this proposal would result in dramatic cuts and significant restructuring, which greatly would reduce the valuable services provided by these important national service programs. Thankfully, Moran recognizes the worth of Kansas Senior Corps programs and strongly has opposed these changes under the administration's proposed budget.

Moran recently said, "These programs are a great combination of bringing senior citizens who have great potential of still caring and helping people and finding continued meaning in their life with those who desperately need some care and attention."

A strong investment in national service programs is imperative for the good of our communities and nation. We are reassured Moran will continue to stand for these cost-effective programs he describes as, "programs where the care comes from the heart, not from a faceless government program."

Kathy Shepard,

president of the Kansas Association of Senior Corps Directors