Rusty Lindsay, Hays USD 489 director of buildings and grounds, visited with the Board of Education on Monday night at the Rockwell Administrative Center about the HVAC system at Hays High School.

One of the main issues throughout the school that has progressed, Lindsay said, is the idea of work being held off so more funding can be put into the project.

“Since I’ve been here, I put a contingency of about $250,000,” Lindsay said. “In the last few years, I’ve built that up, not only for that but for doing a large capital project. Part of the original plan was to contract with Performance Solutions (facility improvement planner) and do our assessment and look at our capital project this summer.”

Lindsay, stating how the high school has been one of the main concerns of the school district facilities, said there are not a lot of areas that would be able to be worked in as of now because of funding. The plan for Lindsay and his department is they are looking to move forward with the project for 2018. It wouldn’t be funded out of capital unless something happens with a possible bond that could change that.

“I can probably fund with what I’ve put back in contingencies with the gymnasiums and the wrestling room at this time,” he said. “But, in my mind, it was going to looked rushed. That was one of the things with the middle school, plus we had not talked about the capital project.”

Lindsay said right now the focus could be on the systems involving the gymnasiums, wrestling room and main office in the school.

“I’m all for seeing the efficiencies and everything else going forward, but I know that’s one of the things we discussed a number of months ago was doing the HVAC system out there in general,” BOE President Lance Bickle said. “I guess I have a hard time understanding why we’re focusing on the gym and the other piece when all of our trouble tickets and the vast majority of usage is in the classroom. Why wouldn’t we focus on those first?”

Lindsay agreed.

“That’s what we should do, but the funding’s not there,” he said. “I can’t fund it.”

One of the many things Lindsay has been working on with the issue is bringing in and talking to several different entities the district has contracted with, such as USD 489’s new engineering firm DLR and Glassman Corp., among others.

“What I liked about Rusty’s initiative to end up really pulling in DLR, Glassman, Performance Solutions, to walk around to check on this, put together the idea to share with you, is a backup plan,” Superintendent John Thissen said.

“I shouldn’t say backup … . And dependent upon with this, we’re saying we intend to get something done.”

In other business:

• The board voted 4-0 to approve extending administrative contracts for the 2017-18 school year.

• Board members Josh Waddell, Mandy Fox and Danielle Lang were not in attendance.