During National Small Business Week, I thank our hard-working Kansas small business owners and employees for their work building our state and local communities. As chairman of a Small Business Subcommittee, I know these small business owners and their employees make our economy stronger and strengthen our Kansas values of working hard and playing by the rules.

Our small businesses are truly important, and they attract people to settle and make their home in our great state. Nearly 52 percent of Kansans work for small businesses. And there are nearly 14,000 small businesses in the First District ó 97 percent of all our companies.

All too many unelected bureaucrats and insider politicians in D.C. do not understand this. They and their cronies donít believe in fair and simple tax and regulatory codes that would allow small businesses to compete fairly. They are more interested in Wall Street, when they should be focused on Main Street.

These D.C. insiders tilt the rules in favor of big companies who spend millions of dollars to employ a small army of lawyers and accountants. This has to change. Simpler tax and regulatory codes would level the playing field and benefit small businesses and our rural communities.

As chairman of the Small Business Subcommittee, Iím fighting back against these Washington bureaucrats.

One way Iíve worked to simplify the tax code is my efforts on the Death Tax Repeal Act. It is unacceptable that laws sabotage some parents in their attempt to pass down the family business to their kids.

Another example of my efforts is sponsoring the Stopping EPA Overreach Act, which reins in the EPAís regulatory powers, especially their attacks on energy and agriculture.

Both pieces of legislation help to shift the system so our Kansas small businesses can survive and prosper.

These are only the first steps in the long and arduous fight against the D.C. status quo. I promise to continue fighting for the real backbone of America ó resourceful Kansans on Main Street, not the lobbyists and bureaucrats and insiders of Washington.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp represents the First District of Kansas in the U.S. House

of Representatives.