Grieving heart

I'm not a walker, or a jogger. My feet and knees are shot after 25 years of officiating youth basketball, softball, baseball and volleyball.

But there is one time every year I walk 2 miles for a good cause. I moved here from Georgia seven years ago and have participated every year in the "Walk for a Grieving Heart," which encourages participants to gather pledges for the walk, which, in turn, will help fund retreats for women and men seeking healing from the wounds of abortion.

Yes, there are men who suffer remorse too; perhaps the woman chose the abortion against his will.

Maybe he really wanted that baby to live and the choice was taken away from him. There are many sides to the pain of abortion. Rachel's Vineyard retreats are an effort to reach out the healing hand of God. You still can get out of your comfort zone and join this walk. Come to the Center for Health Improvement, 2500 Canterbury, sign in, give a donation and walk for a special cause.

Help make this the best walk ever.

Judy Hoffman