Governor's tricks

More than 23,000 people in Kansas are being denied the right to vote, including seniors who have moved and do not have birth certificates or a driver's licenses. Most of these 23,000 have been voters their entire lives and now find the basic right taken away by Kris Kobach.

Do not believe Kobach's racist comments that people illegally in this country are risking deportation by trying to vote. This is a scare tactic created by the Republican Party, and Kobach is using fear mongering to create this lie in an attempt to scare you. Don't be manipulated. Kobach's allegation that Jean Schodorf would allow "illegal immigrants" to attend Kansas colleges by paying in-state tuition is another stretch of the facts.

The bill he references is for children who have grown up in Kansas, attended our public schools and graduated from our accredited Kansas high schools. It allows these children, like every other Kansas high school graduate, to pay in-state tuition. However, many of these bright students who would improve the quality of Kansas, will be unable to pay out-of-state tuition. This is not a loss of revenue because they won't attend college in Kansas due to costs beyond their ability to pay.

Is this the kind of state we want to live in, one which denies access to higher education for our Kansas high school graduates?

Gov. Sam Brownback's TV ads are inaccurate in telling you he has increased the number of Kansas' teachers. Brownback is attempting to credit himself for the replacement of those who left the profession and not a legitimate increase of teachers. This is more of his voodoo math, and it doesn't add up. Ask a teacher; they will confirm there are fewer teachers now than when Sam Brownback took office -- resulting in class sizes increasing. Brownback is trying to trick you; do not let him.

Shelley Dunham,

Council Grove