Crossing the line separating Indiana and Illinois sometimes means dealing with different laws and customs. Readers are asked to share ideas for this weekly feature. This week: Living governors.

The death Thursday of 98-year-old former Indiana Gov. Edgar Whitcomb, who served from 1969 to 1973, drops the number of living Hoosier governors to four.

They are: Evan Bayh, age 60, served 1989-97; Joe Kernan, 69, 2003-05; Mitch Daniels, 66, 2005-13; and Mike Pence, 56, 2013-present.

Illinois recently declined from seven to six living governors following the April 29, 2015, death of Dan Walker, 92, who served 1973-77.

They are: Jim Thompson, 79, served 1977-91; Jim Edgar, 69, 1991-99; George Ryan, 81, 1999-2003; Rod Blagojevich, 59, 2003-09; Pat Quinn, 67, 2009-15; and Bruce Rauner, 58, 2015-present.

Prior to Whitcomb's death, the most recent former Hoosier governor to die was Whitcomb's intraparty rival, Dr. Otis Bowen, who served from 1973 to '81.

Bowen was 95 years old when he died May 4, 2013.