Wining, dining

In 2012, one organization lobbying Kansas legislators spent $72,000, ranking second among all lobbying organizations. Uncork Kansas, which is comprised of large out-of-state corporations. Lobbying groups typically spend money on food, beverage, recreation, entertainment, gifts, etc.

In essence, wining and dining legislators trying to buy a new law that would wipe out 3,000 small business jobs in Kansas. And cut enforcement of our liquor laws, allowing minors to work in these new virtual liquor stores down the aisles of your neighborhood grocery store. As well as cut selection to only the top 100 selling wine, beer and liquor items in their stores and the one-on-one personal service and knowledge you find in a small business.

The current system works well, and the public has a wide selection of adult products in an adult-only store. Our legislators are hard-working people from all areas of our state and should ignore these large corporations that are not even based in Kansas, throwing this large amount of cash to try to buy their proposed law.

These corporations that send all their big profits out-of-state believe in "the rich get richer," and they are funding this wining and dining at the cost of Kansas jobs, enforcement and selection.

Murray Anderson