Hunting issues

I just read Mike Corn’s article on the Outdoor page Friday, and I agree with Corn on many issues as I’ve seen many of the actions he mentioned in the article. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen our great outdoors littered with trash.

I guess I have several issues with his article.

Corn gives several examples that are terribly wrong and appalling. Squirrels with tails cut off. Deer with heads cut off. Dead robins, dozens of geese found in a ditch near Hays.

Corn then states, “Such action by hunters is reprehensible.” I guess my question is, “What makes Mr. Corn so sure that these actions were done by a hunter?” I believe to be called a hunter you have to earn that title.

I would call the people who performed these terrible acts, poachers, slobs, people of very low low ethics. But in my opinion, they do not receive the honor to be called hunters. We as hunters do not accept them as such. Who’s to say these individuals even have permits or licenses?

As far as being a trophy hunter: I have several mounts in my house; I love them. They are a reminder as to the great experiences I had in pursuing these great animals.

Every bit of the meat from all the animals I take is used. As far as wounding an animal, Corn states.: “Why is he such a poor shot that his shot didn’t kill the animal? That in itself is the lowest of lows for sportsmanship.”

If anyone hunts long enough you will eventually wound an animal. No matter how much you practice or how careful you are.

It makes a “hunter” sick, and a hunter will do all he can to prevent it from happening again.

I just want to point out these terrible actions are taken by a small percentage of the people out enjoying God’s great outdoors. A great example of the good that hunters do is the outdoor festival Saturday in Hays — where ethics, safety and what it meant to be a hunter will be taught.

Thank you, and may God bless.

Rick Cunningham,