KEITH SEBELIUS RESERVOIR -- On the water, everyone is your friend.

Never mind who might be catching the most fish.

That much was evident recently during a quick drive through Prairie Dog State Park right at sunset, just as the temperatures cooled as the sun was falling behind the horizon.

On the dock that evening were Renee Waterman and her husband, Norman, Phillipsburg, brothers Barry and Todd Walker, Selden, and Mitch Kline, Norton.

"I live out here when I get a chance," Kline said.

They talked among themselves even as they fished into the dying light. They didn't mention leaving.

They talked of fish that had been caught and a heron that didn't mind taking a fish from them last year after the lake iced over.

They laughed while waiting for nibbles on their poles, baited with both artificial bait and minnows.

With a string of cold weather in the wake of the fishing outing at Norton, many area lakes are now virtually all ice-covered.

Anglers have taken to the ice at the stilling basin and on the main body of Webster Reservoir, with reports of 5 to 6 inches of ice at both locations.