This week on the podcast, reporters discuss who's ahead in the latest polls of Iowa caucusgoers, Sarah Palin’s endorsement of Donald Trump and Gov. Terry Branstad’s “un-endorsement” of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and the role surrogates play in campaigns.

On Iowa Politics is a weekly news and analysis podcast that aims to re-create the kinds of conversations that happen when you get political reporters from across Iowa together after the day's deadlines have been met. This week's show features James Q. Lynch, Todd Dorman, Erin Murphy, Christinia Crippes, Bret Hayworth and Ed Tibbetts.

This week's show was produced by Clare Murphy and the music heard in the podcast is courtesy of Bryce Janey. Chat with us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @OnIowaPolitics, and subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Send band sound files to

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