In return

In response to the county asking voters to approve a 0.5 percent sales tax for expansion and renovation to the county jail, law enforcement center and construction of an EMS/rural fire building, I would like to say it is very much needed.

However, the county and the city continue to ask more and more from the taxpayers -- a sales tax here, a sales tax there.

What do they give us in return?

They cannot even make one swath down residential streets for "the taxpayer" after a snowstorm. Residential streets have potholes or cement breaking out.

Then there is the county. The rock roads are pathetic, and some blacktop roads in the county would need attention.

Yes, I know, both entities have excuses. The rising cost of diesel and gas. Perhaps lack of manpower or the money to pay for the manpower.

May I suggest another city- and county-wide sales tax to take care of these rising costs?

Again, the taxpayer is asked to give more and more with nothing given in return.

Glenda Schuetz