HILL CITY -- Amanda Conway, a sophomore at Hill City High School, has been invited to represent Kansas in track and field at the Down Under International Games in Australia.

After being constantly challenged by her brothers, Conway decided to pursue track in junior high school.

"My brothers would always tease me about how they were faster than me," she said. "In junior high, I finally beat one of them, and I really liked it."

She began running shorter distances, such as the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes.

"I tried high jump, but I was never good at that," she said.

"Then my freshman year, my track coach said I had the legs that looked like they would be good for the 300 (hurdles), even though I was like, 'I can't do long distances.' "

Conway qualified for the international competition in the 300-meter hurdles at the state track competition in Wichita.

"I placed fourth at state," she said. "I think the top five qualified for the competition."

Conway will depart for the Down Under International Games on July 6.

The meet will last one week. The majority of her time will be spent practicing, but she will have one free day.

"On our free day, we can do anything," she said. "We can go to Hawaii if we want."

Her parents, Tina and Tony Conway, said they are proud and excited for their daughter.

"She's an all-around athlete," Tina said. "She plays volleyball, basketball. She's also a very smart child. She's an A student."

"I'm proud of everything that's going on," her father said.

In her free time, Conway is a self-proclaimed "book-nerd."

"Like my brothers," she said. "My brothers are kind of like my role models. I like what my brothers like."

Tina said Amanda follows in her brothers' footsteps when it comes to sports as well.

After graduating high school, she plans on either playing basketball or running track in college.

"I'm not sure if I could do both," Conway said. "That might be too much for me."

She plans on going to college for pre-med, with the hopes of becoming a pediatrician.

"I'm not completely sure," Conway said. "I have all sorts of things in mind that have to do with kids. I'm in love with kids."