We received an email survey this week from Congressman Tim Huelskamp.

It consisted of one question: How do you think the president is handling the Crisis in Ukraine?

And, the answer choices were: Approve and Disapprove.

Should any of us consider ourselves qualified to answer this survey considering that they did not (to my knowledge) ask us if we approve or disapprove of the "new" light bulbs a few years back? If they think we are not smart enough to decide which kind of light bulb to buy, should we imagine that they really care what we think about blasting another bunch of innocent foreigners to smithereens and tell them to "do it our way" because we are so morally just and freedom loving?

I stuffed the ballot box and voted twice: once each way ... so I suppose someone will be angry with me and tell me I am un-American for not supporting growth -- even if it is the growth of "debt".

Frankly, I don't think such things as war ought to be decided on a popular vote, especially if the vote is 51 percent to 49percent.

Richard Henderson