Members of the City of Hays Fire Department will be conducting training Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday on the work needed to attack a large fire in a building.

This training will be conducted from 1 to 4 p.m. each day in Aubel-Bickle Park in the area of 27th Street Terrace and Sherman Avenue. The street in this area will be blocked to traffic. The public is invited to observe.

During this training, firefighters will practice the teamwork and skills needed for the five on-duty firefighters to quickly get two large fire attack streams in operation to stop a large fire from spreading to other buildings.

To prevent any unreasonable response delays to emergency calls, one extra fire crew will be on-duty during this training. This crew will be ready for immediate response.

The City of Hays Fire Department continuously practices smart water use to conserve water. The water used for this training is essential for the preparedness of our firefighters to effectively fight a large fire. The water used will have the dual use of watering the grass at the park.