I see Obama wants to increase the debt limit and, if they don't do this, he can't guarantee Social Security, Medicare, soldier pay and such. What about cutting Congress, your travel expenses, benefits and etc.?

Did he notice what it cost the taxpayers for illegal aliens each year?

Approximately $15 billion on welfare, $22 billion on food assistance, $2.5 billion on Medicare, $29 billion on education, $90 billion on welfare and social services, $3 million a day for prisoners. That's 30 percent of the prisoners and they have committed around 1 million sex crimes. They sent over $45 billion back to their country. These numbers are hard to realize.

Congress also sends several billion to other countries every year.

Our total cost is around $338 billion to support illegals in the U.S. Congress is doing this to us year after year.

This is our money. Did we vote for them to handle our money this way?

Glen Teel