MANHATTAN -- More than 3,350 Kansas State University students have earned semester honors for their academic performance in the spring 2013 semester.

Students earning a grade-point average for the semester of 3.75 or above on at least 12 credit hours receive semester honors along with commendations from their deans. The honors also are recorded on their permanent academic records.

Students earning semester honors include:

Bird City: Craig Busse and Savannah Isely.

St. Francis: Brooklyn Hnizdil and Heather Hnizdil.

Oberlin: Jessica Fredrickson, Jared Marcuson, Adrienne Pauls and Nathan Simonsson.

Ellis: Jenny Hollern, Chase King, Nathan Schuler and Jessica Wheeler.

Hays: Jamie Ball, Jordan Leiker, Brett Lightle, Michael Madden, Rachel Palmberg, Ayrton Pittman, Christina Quigley, Chelsey Smith, Emilie Taylor, Hayley Taylor, Cory Thyfault, Christina Unrein, Allison Vahling, Jaclynn Ward and Jared Wasinger.

Victoria: Amanda Braun, Caroline Braun, Bobbi Ehrlich and Stephanie Hoffman.

Park: Jesse Ochs and Lucas Ochs.

Quinter: Zachary Nemechek.

Bogue: Matthew Pedroza.

Hill City: Caleb Burton, Morgan Cade, Christopher Miller, Holly Miller, Eric VanLoenen, Kelsey Vincent and Phillip Vincent.

Morland: Joshua Bell.

Penokee: Justin Helberg.

Oakley: Levi Hefner, Brooke Hemmert, Brandi Kelly, Dayna Kuhlman, Jaymi Sporer and Matthew Temaat.

Ness City: Gage Kepple, Dustin Schuler and Kylie Stoecklein.

Norton: Maia Carlson, Amanda Delimont, Mariah Farber, Tonielle Fiscus, Marcus Herman, Kent Mann, Taylor Meder, Kyle Mindrup, Kaylen Rossi, Bethany Roy, Dustyna Sprigg and KaraJo Sprigg.

Alton: Nathaniel Mick.

Downs: Alida Draayer.

Natoma: Kayla Grafel.

Osborne: Jamie Cockerham and Lukas Sprick.

Paradise: Mason Angel.

Agra: Kayle Holsman and Megan Suchsland.

Logan: Paige Buss and Kathryn Hartman.

Phillipsburg: Dustin Aherin, Garrett Kennedy and Bethany Lennemann.

Atwood: Mark Bohme, Marcus Cahoj and Kevin Wolters.

Ludell: Jill Bergling.

McDonald: Lance Leonard.

Natoma: Carson McMullen.

Palco: Travis Balthazor and Landon Keller.

Plainville: Sheldyne Brown, Peony Reif and Danielle Winters.

Stockton: Amber Kriley and Dustin Kriley.

Woodston: Billie Chesney.

Alexander: Austin Webs.

Bison: Megan Goodheart.

Otis: Kevin Wissman.

Gorham: Larame Cline and Sadee Rohleder.

Russell: Bailey Boomhower, Roxanne Ochs and Taylor Ochs.

Collyer: Trevor Mader.

Dresden: Kendra Spresser.

Grinnell: Carolyn Mense.

Hoxie: Kayle Campbell and Mackenzie Mense.

Park: Kayla Zerr.

Selden: Jonathan Broeckelman.

Goodland: Jace Mosbarger, Ross Townsend and Dayelle Waugh.

Kanorado: Devin Mangus.

Athol: Nathan Larson.

Kensington: Taylor Kuhlmann.

Smith Center: Sara Timmons.

Brewster: Brenna McKee.

Colby: Megan Dougherty, Jeremy Harter, Joseph Heier, Jacob Hutfles, Rachel Juenemann, Matthew Oesterreich, Kylie Reitcheck, Paul Schiferl, Robert Schroeder and Cody Wark.

Oakley: Will Clark.

Collyer: Hayley Harvey.

WaKeeney: Brandon Katt and James Schreiner.

Sharon Springs: Audra Kuhlman, Hallie Kuhlman and Tyler O'Connor.

Weskan: Matthew Kuykendall and Kellie Young.