The people have spoken loud and clear: Obama has been re-elected and will again be our president for the next four years. We must all accept that fact.

However, I feel I must point out the following: The majority of the electorate by their vote decided against a balanced budget, against energy independence, against entitlement reform, against deficit reduction, and against meaningful tax reform.

What the electorate majority did vote for is the status quo and the continuing slide of our nation into mind-numbing socialism. When a free-market capitalist nation such as ours devolves to a condition wherein the productive half of the people in the country work to provide livelihood for the nonproductive half, socialism has arrived. Once installed, socialism is difficult to reverse.

I am a U.S. Air Force veteran and fortunate survivor of two wars. I have lived in socialist countries and have personally witnessed the deleterious effect that system has on its citizens.

Until the present, I have never been worried about the moral/political direction of our nation. I am now.

Merle R. McLaren