Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas has implemented the Legacy Society of DSNWK as a way to give back to the future.

The agency is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers persons with developmental disabilities to enrich their lives.

"The financial environment that we're in, we've begun a Legacy Society to create a vehicle, an opportunity for people who want to help us in the interim while we try to answer the budget questions," said Jerry Michaud, DSNWK president.

The agency is delivering its annual report to county commissioners and letting them know "we're not just sitting back and waiting for things to change. We know that we have to be supported with federal, state and local monies. But we also have to take steps for the future," said Allen Schmidt, DSNWK planned giving officer.

For more information, visit or contact Schmidt at (785) 621-5327.