Rains Wednesday wonít rescue the struggling wheat crop, but it certainly wonít hurt.

Rains ranged from 0.28 of an inch at Colby up to 0.58 of an inch at Hays.

Some fields, however, already are being virtually zeroed out by crop adjustors.

Thatís the word from Scott ďBroncĒ Barrows, the director of the Golden Prairie Extension District, encompassing Trego, Gove and Logan counties.

Already, he said, fields are being appraised at 3 and 8 bushels per acre.

If the stripe rust disease starts infecting fields, farmers will face a huge dilemma, Barrows said, because itís costing $20 an acre just to spray it.

Thatís the equivalent of 4 bushels per acre.

There are good patches of wheat, he said.

ďItís so patchy,Ē he said of the condition of the wheat, though.

On Tuesday, the U.S. Department of Agriculture forecast a Kansas wheat crop amounting to just 272 million bushels.

The rains likely will help wheat kernels fill before the heat sets in prior to harvest, which is approximately four weeks away.