The first phase of the Dillions grocery store expansion at 1902 Vine is ready to open.

The store will unveil the first part of its new look Tuesday on the south side with a Starbucks, sushi bar and the new deli section opening. The expansion is part of a multi-million dollar renovation project. The new part opening will be in the store’s newest area after the purchase of Rent-A-Center. It will add approximately 4,000 square feet.

“This has all been part of phasing with the construction,” said Sheila Lowrie, associate communications and media relations manager for Dillons. “I know customers are really excited about the new additions.”

While the store, like all Dillons, will have its own unique look, Lowrie said there will be some similarities to other stores as far as appearance in a small offering.

Earlier this week, Dillons gave customers a sample of what was to come. During training of the Starbucks’ baristas, employees were offering samples throughout the store, which turned out to be a big hit.

“We have been very thankful for the way things have gone with the project,” Lowrie said of the construction.

“The associates have done a good job of keeping customers interested in what is coming. We’ve received a great response from it.”

Introducing the section that opens Tuesday, the store will put up the new sign Monday morning. Construction will continue on the rest of the store in different areas, and Dillons is planning to have its grand opening for the entirety of its new look this summer.