Is God calling his people home?

In the Old Testament, God often allowed the Israelites to turn away from him, but at certain points he sent a prophet, disaster or war of some kind to call his people back.

Possibly this is happening again today.

For half a century now, our culture has had a contraceptive mentality, which has turned giving birth into becoming a choice. We have disregarded marriage as sacred, and instead have turned relationships into extended trial periods by merely living together.

Last month, I had the opportunity to view the movie, "Bella." This past week, I was able to see the movie "Juno." Wow. That makes two pro-life movies playing in theaters within a month's time. This makes me wonder if the pendulum from a culture of death is swinging back toward a culture of life.

Both movies feature an unmarried woman who finds herself pregnant. In "Bella," the woman is a young adult and in "Juno," the woman is a high school teenager.

Both women consider abortion as an option. In each movie, there are scenes of the woman walking into an abortion clinic, and both show the emotional trauma that is affiliated with even entering such a facility.

Both women have experienced abandonment by their own mothers. In "Bella," the woman's mother emotionally abandons her, and in "Juno," the movie indicates a mother's physical abandonment. In each of these cases, the pregnant, unwed mother questions her own maternal identity.

In a society that promotes free sex with no emotional attachment, both women wonder if the desires of their hearts -- one man to love them until death -- are simply fantasies of the mind.

The really neat thing is both women give birth to their babies, and even though neither raises their child, both women show the emotions of being a mother who gives life. Life proves to be the best choice, and makes each of the women happy.

In "Juno," the relationship with the father of the baby works out. Yet if the mother would have chosen abortion, statistics show the relationship likely would have failed.

The other aspect of "Juno" that I really liked is it showed how going to high school pregnant was a really big deal. People stared at her belly. They poked fun at her. Yet the young woman said it very well herself when she described herself as "a sacred vessel."

That is exactly what life is all about. We, as women, are chosen by God to bring life into the world. The evil one doesn't like this, and so he attacks it at every chance he gets.

Yes, the ideal would be to meet our mate, be friends through dating, fall in love through courtship, have the relationship blessed through the sacrament of marriage and then have a family.

"Bella" and "Juno" show the breakdown of the family and also the flip side -- the importance and closeness of a positive, supportive family unit. Both movies indicate the desire in men's and women's hearts for a singular, long-lasting relationship, like a monogamous marriage provides. Both movies show the respect, value and selflessness it takes to bring life into this world and the joy that follows.

Yes, the culture is changing and the pendulum is swinging. God is calling his people back to his ultimate divine plan. And for those who have not always chosen well, and that is all of us in one aspect or another, we reach for the divine mercy of Jesus Christ and trust in him.

Let us all remain steadfast on our mission, for we are on the winning side.

Donetta Robben is a freelance columnist from Hays. Write to her at P.O. Box 614, Hays, KS 67601, or e-mail her at