Celebrate freedom

As we remember the commemoration of the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, gratefully "We The People" continue to live in freedom. Following President George Washington's leadership with Congress, the final voice for the document was through the states' conventions. Delegates within each state thoroughly discussed, debated and eventually ratified the Constitution.

The United States Constitution is the oldest written national constitution still in operation. Many world nations, established in the decades since Sept. 17, 1787, have turned to this document as a model for their own constitutions. The document defines the structure of our federal government and delineates the rights of the states within the union and individual citizens within the nation. The Constitution has become a symbol to Americans and to the world as a beacon for our political principles and security in our democratic way of life.

The Constitution Day and Citizenship Day Act mandates all publicly funded educational institutions to provide programming on the history of the American Constitution. Throughout the nation this week, educators, students, citizens and the American Legion Auxiliary Units will gratefully celebrate life in freedom through the principles of the United States Constitution.

Laah Tucker, American Legion Auxiliary Unit 109, Natoma