WaKEENEY -- The fish weren't very big, but they were big enough and hungry enough to thrill both 6-year-old Jacob Schaffer and his grandfather Larry Macy.

And that was all that mattered.

Sunday's fishing adventure under the shade of a tree just south of the long term care unit at Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital was the chance to make a wish come true for 65-year-old Larry Macy, who suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Macy happened to mention his wish to take his grandson fishing to Sarah Fabrizius, on the staff at the long-term care center in WaKeeney.

She knew just want to do, contacting a series of die-hard anglers.

Carroll Fabrizius and Bob Critzer, longtime fishing buddies at Cedar Bluff, gathered up a small stock tank and transported it to the center.

There, they filled it with water and Critzer pulled sunfish from a tank he keeps to let other children try their hand at fishing.

Armed with worms and a pair of fishing poles, they were set, handing poles to each of the anglers.

Jacob was the first to catch a fish and the excitement was visible as he bit a finger as the fish came close.

Grandpa smiled.

So did those around the anglers, which included relatives, hospital employees and residents of the long-term care center.