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WaKEENEY -- The case file in the first-of-its-kind murder case in Kansas has grown, expanding into its second file folder.

That's not counting documents and motions filed under seal and away from public view. The public doesn't have access to those documents; that falls only to court personnel.

It's a case that's drawn a lot of legal maneuvering and public attention. And it's nowhere close to being completed.

In fact, there's a status conference quickly coming up in Trego County District Court in the criminal case against Scott Bollig.

He's charged with first-degree murder -- or in the alternative, attempted first-degree murder -- in connection with the death of his then-girlfriend's 8-week-old fetus.

Prosecutors are claiming he crushed an abortion pill and sprinkled it on a serving of pancakes partially eaten by Naomi Abbott.

He's also facing a single felony count of aggravated battery and a misdemeanor charge of distribution of adulterated food, identified as the pancake in the criminal complaint.

District Judge Glenn Braun, after listening to nearly 10 hours of testimony in July, ordered Bollig to stand trial on the felony charges.

At his arraignment, Bollig, 31, stood mute, defense attorney Dan Walter said of his client.

"When the defendant stands mute, the court enters a plea of not guilty," Braun said of Walter's announcement. "Do you understand that, Mr. Bollig?"

"Yes sir," Bollig said as he and Walter stood facing the judge.

With that, Braun said he would enter a not guilty plea on Bollig's behalf to criminal charges facing him.

Additional hearings were set at the time, but both have been continued. It's the same for what was a tentative January trial date.

Walter, at the time of arraignment, had filed one motion and said he planned to file several more.

The upcoming status conference will detail when those motions will be heard and when a trial might occur.