A few weeks ago a Dave Haag, in probably the shortest letter ever to an editor, said I, Les Knoll, would vote for Hitler before I would vote for the pope.

That’s pretty strong language, but I’m OK with his comment in that it gives me a perfect opportunity to respond. Let’s call it a teachable moment for me in providing some facts.

The difference between the Haag and me is that, if I make a claim, I will back it up with a reason for my conclusion. What’s his name just threw it out there. How do you debate a liberal that can do nothing but engage (and that’s all it was) in name calling with no facts whatsoever to justify his accusation. Call it emotion versus reality.

The Democrat Party changed years ago, therefore, thousands, like me, changed party affiliation in western Kansas. For every one registered Democrat these days in Ellis County, there are two Republicans; probably three to one in surrounding counties.

President John F. Kennedy would not recognize his party as it exists currently. He is turning over in his grave and maybe in tears.

I changed parties primarily due to my belief in the sanctity of life. Whether it’s Hillary or the Bern, protecting the unborn is not a part of their campaign to be our next president. Nor did Hitler subscribe to the “sanctity of life.” Hitler killed. Abortion kills.

How could the pope possibly run as a Democrat since the right to abort is so very important to the party’s voters? The Haag’s claim about how I would vote is complete and utter nonsense.

Many evangelicals are supporting Trump because he said he would protect Christians who are losing under our present government. He also said a pro-life judge would be appointed to the Supreme Court. Does that sound like Hitler if that is what Haag was implying about Trump?

Hitler knew Christianity was an obstacle among his people in order for him to transform Germany. Aren’t Christians experiencing the same thing in these United States?

What about Obamacare under our Democrat president forcing religious organizations to provide for abortions? Why did the Democrat Party take the word “God” out of their party platform? Why is the Democrat Party known as the “secularist” party? And, why is Obama transforming America with thousands of Muslim refugees and very few Christian refugees?

Hitler was out to transform Germany. Back in 2008, Obama campaigned on transforming America. All the changes to this country by Obama are failures, and facts prove it.

The Haag has this whole thing upside down with “the pot calling the kettle black.”

Hillary Clinton has the Dem presidential nomination wrapped up in as much as her party rigged the whole process. It was a corrupt process. She is under criminal investigation. Polls show her not to be trustworthy. Without a doubt she is the most scandalous and corrupt politician ever to seek the presidency.

But guess how far too many will vote including my critic — no matter whatsoever whose name is on the ballot as a Democrat.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.