This has been on my mind since the liberals/progressives have been hammering at "foot in mouth" of some candidates for office who can't seem to say it right. I'm referring to the situation of a child conceived by rape: What the politician was trying to say is the child conceived was meant to be allowed to live, like any other conceived child.

I'd like to share this true story. A friend of mine in Denver -- a young, single woman in her 20s -- was leaving a house party when she was attacked, dragged into the bushes and raped. A child was born. She chose to let this child live, but she gave it up to adoption. Every Mother's Day, she wondered about her child and wept. Eventually she married, but her husband already had five grown children and didn't want another child. Still, her greatest hopes and prayers were answered, and she bore a son. Turns out, he was the joy of their lives.

Fast-forward a few years, and her husband passed away. A few more years, and her only son was killed in a freak workplace accident. Now in her 60s, and the two men in her life are gone. I believe the greatest joy that could come to her now is that the child she gave up for adoption will want to find her, and does, thus giving her the joy of a child she chose to let live, and reuniting with this child.

Moral: Please let the child live.

Judy Hoffman