If I remember correctly, Bob and Pat Schmidt came to Hays from La Crosse in about 1948.

Everyone called him Bob; I don’t remember him as Robert. He was always just Bob. We got to know the Schmidt family in July 1952 when we moved to Hays. After the passing of my father, my mother did domestic housework. She ironed white shirts and cleaned houses. Somewhere along the line, my mother met Bob and he asked her to clean his house, etc. Pat was a very gentle lady, and my mother did this for quite some time. One day Bob asked her to clean the radio station KAYS. She told him she needed help, so I was volunteered. My mother and I worked together for probably four to five years. The money I made went to pay my tuition to St. Joseph Military Academy. The one thing I remember about the Schmidts was they would always ask you how you were and about my mother. When she passed in 1983, Bob still would say, “Well, Don, how is it going?” and my answer was it has to.

Bob also would compliment my mother, and so did Pat. These kind of people only come along once in a great while. We all were young once, had fun and a great place to work for a young boy and his mother. We all will miss Pat dearly, a great role model.

Don J. Waldschmidt,