Reason for season

Why does our society and schools make our children fearful to express their love for God? They are not able to sing religious songs at their Christmas programs because they might offend others?

The only person we are offending is God. My concerns became a reality in our home this morning. Every year, my children take a card and gift to their teachers as a token of their appreciation. As I was having them sign their name to the card, my daughter said, "Mom, I cannot take this card because it has the word 'Jesus' on it."

I was shocked and even more saddened. How could my child feel this way? I told her not to be ashamed, for he is our savior. She softly said, "OK, mama," and took her gift to school. As I watched her walk toward her school doors, I began to weep.

I was thinking of how Jesus gave his life for us, and now we are trying to push him away. If we do not lead our children by example and teach them about our love for God, they will be lost.

Our children need to realize God loves them unconditionally. We need to remind them Jesus is the most important reason for celebrating Christmas.

Jennifer Wiley-Neil